Kon Gopone Lyrics |কোন গোপনে | Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti

Kon Gopone Lyrics |কোন গোপনে | Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti

Kon Gopone Lyrics

কোন গোপনে মন পুড়েছে
বৃষ্টি থামার পরে,
আমার ভিতর ঘরে।
নয়ন কালো মেঘ জমালো
ঝিনুকের অন্তরে,
আমার ভিতর ঘরে।
কোমল ধানের শীষে
দুঃখরা যায় মিশে।

সুখ পাখি কার্নিশে
হারায় অগোচরে,
দিন খুঁজে যাই, দিন আসে না
রাত আসে রাত করে,
আমার ভিতর ঘরে।

অবুঝ চোখের তারায়
অন্ধ কাজল হারায়,
এক ফালি হাত বাড়ায়
শান্ত চরাচরে।
সোনার কাঁকন, কোন সে আপন
মুখ লুকায়ে প্রান্তরে,
আমার ভিতর ঘরে।

কোন গোপনে মন পুড়েছে
বৃষ্টি থামার পরে,
আমার ভিতর ঘরে,
আমার ভিতর ঘরে,
সে কি আমার ভিতর ঘরে।

Meaning of Kon Gopone Lyrics

Kon Gopone Lyrics you've shared is a Bengali song called "Kono Gopone Mon Poreche" which translates to "In a secret corner of my heart". It's a poetic representation of the speaker's innermost thoughts and feelings, and their longing for something that they can't quite grasp.

The first stanza sets the tone for the rest of the song. The speaker talks about how the rain has stopped outside, but inside their heart, it's still pouring. They feel like they're in a secret place, and no one can see the storm inside them. This stanza conveys a sense of loneliness and isolation, as if the speaker is holding onto a secret that no one else knows.

The second stanza uses the metaphor of a black cloud to describe the speaker's melancholic state of mind. The rain clouds have gathered inside them, and they feel like they're carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. The image of the black cloud is a powerful symbol of sadness and despair, and it suggests that the speaker is struggling to see the beauty in life.

The third stanza describes the delicate balance between joy and sorrow. The speaker talks about how even in the midst of sadness, there are moments of happiness. The image of the "sukh paki" or the happy bird suggests that even when things seem bleak, there's always a glimmer of hope.

The fourth stanza is a reflection of the speaker's inner turmoil. They describe how their eyes are clouded with tears, and they can't see the way forward. The image of the "andho kajol" or the blind eyeliner suggests that the speaker is struggling to see things clearly. However, the final line of this stanza suggests that the speaker is at peace with their confusion and that they're content to simply wander through life.

The fifth stanza is a lyrical description of the speaker's love interest. They describe the person they love as a "sonar kankon" or a golden bird, and they suggest that this person is always just out of reach. The image of the person hiding their face suggests that the speaker is struggling to connect with them, and that they're feeling a sense of longing and unrequited love.

The final stanza brings the song full circle, returning to the image of the rainstorm inside the speaker's heart. They suggest that even though the rain has stopped outside, the storm is still raging inside them. The song ends on a bittersweet note, with the speaker suggesting that even though they may never find the thing they're looking for, they're content to keep searching.

About the Author of the Song

Kong Gopone Lyrics In Bengali Written by Anindya Chattopadhyay. The song has a simple and repetitive tune like most of Anindya Chattopadhyay’s compositions. Bengali song "Kon Gopone Mon Poreche" means "Whose thoughts are silently haunting my mind." It is a well-known love song from the 2013 film "Chupi Chupi," which was directed by Abir Bose and starred Malobika Banerjee and Arjun Chakrabarty in the lead roles.

Kon Gopone Lyrics

Rupankar Bagchi sings the song, which was written by Samidh Mukherjee. Written by Prasenjit Mukherjee are the lyrics. The song beautifully expresses how someone who is madly in love feels when they are tormented by thoughts of their lover. The listener's mind is calmed by the song's soothing melody and lyrics.

Movie : Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti
Singer : Surangana Bandyopadhyay
Lyric & composition : Anindya Chattopadhyay
Musical arrangements : Rudraneel Chowdhury
Directed by : Aritra Mukherjee
Mixing & mastering : Debojit Sengupta

There are many versions of the song available on YouTube. Here are some cover version of the "kon gopone".  "Kon Gopone" cover version by Surangana Bandyopadhay. This version is viewed by more than 87 lakh on YouTube