Chole Gecho Tate Ki Lyrics (চলে গেছো তাতে কি) New Version | Saif Zohan

Chole Gecho Tate Ki Lyrics (চলে গেছো তাতে কি) New Version | Saif Zohan

Chole Gecho Tate Ki Lyrics

চলে গেছো তাতে কি
ভালোবেসে মরেছি
তুমি আছো হৃদয়ের আয়নায় (x2)
লোকে আমারে শুধায়
ভালোবাসা কারে কয়, বলোনা ?
লোকে আমারে শুধায়
ভালোবাসা কারে কয়, বলোনা ?

শুভদৃষ্টির বিনিময়
হলে ভালোবাসা হয়
লোকে তারে ভালোবাসা কয়
আমি বলি ছলনা এই সবই যন্ত্রনা
এগুলো ভালোবাসা নয় (x2)
লোকে আমারে শুধায়
ভালোবাসা কারে কয়, বলোনা ?
দিল কি ইস কোনে পার
রাহো মে তুম আগার
ইস দিল মে কেয়া হে সোচোনা (x2)
আদমি হামসে ইয়ে পুছে
পেয়ার কিস্কো কেহেতি হে, বলোনা ?

এতক্ষন যা শুনছিলেন
সবছিলো আবেগের কথা
এখন বলছি বাস্তবতা।
বেশি টাকার বিনিময়
ভালো ফাস্টফুডে খাওয়া হয়
মেয়েরা তাকে ভালোবাসা কয়।
টাকা পয়সা ফুরালে
মেয়ারা যে যায় চলে
ছেলেদের বুড়ো আঙ্গুল দেখিয়ে,
লোকে আমারে শুধায়
মানুষ কেন ধোকা খায়, বলনা ?

চলে গেছো তাতে কি
নতুন একটা পেয়েছি
তোমার চেয়ে অনেক সুন্দরি।
লোকে আমারে শুধায়
ভালোবাসা কারে কয়, বলোনা ?

কিসমত আছে যতদিন
খেয়ে যাবো গাঁজা ততদিন
পড়ে রবো ভবের মূর্ছনায়,
লোকে আমারে শুধায়
মানুষ কেন গাঁজা খায় বলো না?
চলে গেছো তাতে কি
ভালোবেসে মরেছি
তুমি আছো হৃদয়ের আয়নায়
লোকে আমারে শুধায়
ভালোবাসা কারে কয়, বলোনা ?

Meaning Of The Song

The lyrics of the song "Chole Gacho Tate Ki" by Saif Zohan depict the feelings of a person who has been left behind by a loved one. The phrase "Chole Gacho Tate Ki" translates to "You have left, what can I do?" It conveys a sense of helplessness and longing for the person who has departed.

The lyrics express the narrator's deep love for the departed person, stating that they have died from loving them. The departed person remains in the mirror of their heart, symbolizing their constant presence in their thoughts and memories. The narrator questions why people ask whom they love, as the answer is evident that it is the departed person who occupies their heart.

The song explores the emotions of the narrator who wonders why the departed person taught them to smile but left them in tears. They reflect on how the departed person could have been so cruel if they were destined to lose. The lyrics imply that all the memories have become meaningless and ask if everything has come to an end.

The narrator ponders how the night passes by alone without the presence of the departed person. They express their loneliness and yearning for their company. They question whether all their desires have been lost and if everything they wished for has disappeared.

The lyrics also convey the narrator's desire to fly in the sky together with the departed person, silently communicating and holding hands. They express their willingness to navigate through life hand in hand, where words become unnecessary. The song concludes with the plea to reveal if everything has come to an end, leaving the narrator longing for closure.

Overall, "Chole Gacho Tate Ki" portrays a poignant tale of love, loss, and the lingering pain of separation, beautifully capturing the emotions of longing and the quest for answers in the face of departure.

About the Author Of the Song

"Chole Gecho Tate Ki" New Sad Version by Saif Zohan. This song is inspired by philippines singer Freddie Aguilar's internationally acclaimed song "ANAK"   After searching for years, I finally confirmed that A bengali version was first created by  Khayem Ahmed and Sung by Shipon for the album Nirjone in 80's. Later it was covered by many others. It has been recorded in as many as a hundred versions in 23 languages throughout the world. Many scammers claimed this song to be their own original which is actually not. However, I used only the main lines from that bengali version, I tried to write and sing this nostalgic song in a new way with my own additional lyrics.

Chole Gecho Tate Ki" has had a significant cultural impact in the Bengali music scene since its release. The song has been widely praised by audiences and critics alike for its emotive lyrics, memorable melody, and soulful vocals.  It's haunting melody and introspective lyrics have resonated with audiences and continue to be a beloved song in the Bengali music industry.

The melody of the song is quite memorable, with a simple and catchy chorus that is easy to sing along to. The verses are more reflective and introspective, with a meandering melody that captures the wistful and nostalgic mood of the lyrics. Overall, the instrumentation, melody, and rhythm of "Chole Gecho Tate Ki" work together to create a poignant and emotional atmosphere that perfectly complements the song's themes and messages.

Song : Chole Gechho tate Ki ( New Version )
Vocal : Saif Zohan
Lyrics : Saif Zohan
Tune : Inspired by anak
Music : R Joy
Edit : Saif Zohan Original Version
Credit Singer : Shipon
Album : Nirjone
Music : Khayem Ahmed

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